Learn RPA with Thomas (Tom's Tech Academy)

In this tutorial you learn how to build RPA bots with the most popular RPA tool: UiPath! You'll watch over my shoulder as we build real-life bots together!

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Chapter Topic After this section, you: Example Application Download the Code
1 Your first Robot
  • Know how to create a UiPath project
  • Know the different sections of UiPath Studio
  • Are able to use Write Line and Message Boxes to show output on the screen
  • Know how to run RPA bots in UiPath
  • Have built your first RPA bot :)
    Download UiPath Code
    2 UI Automation
    • Understand how Windows applications are built up and how to automate them with UiPath
    • Are able to use Use Application / Browser to automate Desktop applications
    • Can build a simple selector and identify an anchor
    • Can use Type Into to let your bot type text
    • Are able to use the Click activity to automate mouseclicks
    • Can use Select Item to automate dropdowns
    Download MyCRM Download UiPath Code
    3 Variables
    • Distinguish the most common variable types: String, Integer and Boolean
    • Create variables in variable panel or with shortcut
    • Use variables in your automations
    • Cast variables from one type to another
    Download UiPath Code
    4 If/Else Logic and Web Automation
    • Use conditional statements with If/else logic
    • Interact with a browser and read information from webpages
    • Evaluate expressions in your automations
    Navigate to Web Application Download UiPath Code
    5 Excel Automation, DataTables and For Each
    • Interact with Excel files from UiPath
    • Read an Excel sheet into a Data Table
    • Manipulate Data Tables by merging, sorting, filtering and removing duplicates
    • Write a Data Table to Excel
    • Iterate through an Excel file with a For Each loop
    Navigate to LMS Download UiPath Code
    6 String Manipulation
    • Convert a string to an array and use For Each and While to iterate through the array
    • Use the .split() method to split a string to an array
    • Use the .substring() method to select a part of a string
    • Use the .replace() method to replace parts of a string
    • Use the .contains() method to find a substring in a string
    • Slice a string into individual characters
    Navigate to exercises Download UiPath Code
    7 Selectors
    • Create stable selectors in both Desktop and Web Applications
    • Use UiPath's UI Explorer to explore GUI elements
    • Use web selectors and know how they're related to HTML
    • Fetch an HTML table and convert it to a Data Table
    • Work with an anchor and change the anchor if necessary
    Navigate to Financial Data Download UiPath Code
    8 Date and Time
    • You know how to create a DateTime variable
    • You can generate today's and add and substract days
    • You can calculate the number of days between two days
    • You can check whether a date is before or after a certain date
    Download Excel file Download UiPath Code
    9 Files and PDF Extraction
    • You are able to loop through local files
    • You can perform standard operations, as renaming
    • You can extract simple data from PDF
    • You can upload files to a web application
    Navigate to Customer Portal Download UiPath Code
    10 Web Scraping
    • You can scrape structured data from the internet
    • You can scrape multiple pages of data
    • You are able to evaluate the data and store it in Excel
    Navigate to Fake Python Jobs Download UiPath Code